Vulcan Industrial Expendables

Vulcan Industrial is a specialized precision engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to producing high-performance, mission-critical components and systems for the energy, defense, aerospace and heavy industrial sectors. Vulcan’s new V-Series™ fluid ends represent some of hydraulic fracturing’s longest-lasting and easiest to maintain equipment. Using advanced engineering, superior service and in-house metallurgy helps our units run longer, better and more economically.

valves and seats

Getting maximum value from your fleet means sourcing high-performance parts that will consistently deliver more uptime, fewer hassles and lower operating costs.

Vulcan designed its plungers to be the most wear resistant on the market today. Available with a variety of coatings including tungsten carbide, and applied via an advanced fusing process. Vulcan plungers deliver the ultimate in packing and plunger life.

    • Tungsten carbide coated plungers with 40% greater wear resistance than traditional nickel-coated components

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