Seal Support

Pumping applications and governmental regulations have changed and so has the method for sealing pumps to prevent leakage.


This means longer required seal life, better environmental protection, and reduced downtime. With decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, Westpower can supply a range of seal support systems to exceed the demands placed on today’s equipment.

Our standard systems are complete with Canadian registration numbers (CRN) for quick shipment or custom designed to meet specific requirements. Compliant as required to API682 or ASME standards.

Seal Support Groups:

  • Single Seals – (Plan 21 & 23 Heat Exchangers and Plan 32 Control Panels)
  • Dual Unpressurized Seals – (Plan 52, 72, 75 and 76)
  • Dual Pressurized Seals – (Plan 53a, 53b, 53c, 54 and 74)
  • Atmospheric Leakage Management – (Plan 65a, 65b, 66a and 66b)
  • Barrier Fluids


Call Westpower to provide a system to meet any of your sealing application challenges.

Disclaimer: Please note the products represented on our US website may not be available to certain locations or across certain industries. Contact our local sales office to inquire about product specifications and availability.