Field Mechanical Services

A key factor in the assurance of high equipment reliability is proper installation, commissioning and repairs. Our group of highly trained and experienced field services engineers and technicians work together with our customers directly at their operating sites to execute effectively, safely and with the highest standards of quality on critical capital or operational maintenance projects, at any point of the rotating equipment life cycle.


To provide site expertise, equipment and labor for rotating equipment leveling, alignments, piping strain checks, field machining and grouting.


To bring new or reconditioned equipment to a safe and reliable operation by executing a standardized process of procedures and checks during the equipment start-up phase. Equipment process tune-up activities and troubleshooting.


To help our customers to reduce planned or unplanned equipment downtime by providing effective aftermarket field repairs and specialized and standard OEM parts supply.

Preventive Maintenance

Routine equipment checks and planned maintenance activities, driven by our AVT-Machine Sentry condition monitoring system.

Field Retrofits & Equipment Re-rates

Field assessment, applications engineering, and manufacturing combined in a packaged solution to help our customers save capital by extending the operational life of existing equipment.