Manufactured Parts

We aren’t just copying a piece; we understand the component we’re looking at.


Our expertise in pump manufacturing and design allow us to deliver non-OEM parts that are equal or better than OEM quality.

We have thousands of drawings and patterns for pumps manufactured by all major industrial pump brands. Our precision-cast, non-OEM parts are built in our two manufacturing facilities to equal or better than OEM standards and much faster than the OEM can. All our non-OEM parts are backed by a full warranty. Our Parts and Fabrication division allows us to manufacture precision-cast and machined parts faster than an OEM can supply them to you. If you’re not satisfied with the mean time between repair (MTBR) of your pump or component, we will complete a part and system analysis to determine how to modify the pump or design to improve its performance and reliability in its operating environment.

Our manufacturing facility has the capability to reverse-engineer parts for: aging pumps that are no longer available through OEMs, pumps manufactured by other pump companies, for current pumps in cases where the OEM cannot meet your expectations for quality of manufacture, service or lead time, or where upgrading a design will economically increase the reliability.

Westpower has invested in state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to create 3-D computer models of your actual pump or part. Our engineers can use a number of techniques, including FEA, CFD, and RCFA to improve the design and create physical models. The 3-D models can be used for further analysis, or sent to foundries to investment cast a new part in the metallurgy of your choice.

We’re so confident in our process that we guarantee the specifications of Westpower parts will meet or exceed OEM standards, and that our reverse-engineered parts will remain competitively priced.