Field Performance Testing

Performance testing is recommended for assets in critical applications, especially for multistage (BB3 and BB5) pumps.


Deteriorating pump performance if left uncheck will lead to:

  • Excessive vibration, promoting further damage
  • Increased energy consumption and ultimately
  • Inflated repair costs

Westpower’s field performance assessment program informs you on how your pump is performing compared to OEM specifications. Our pump experts will perform in-situ checks and verification of:

  • Pump Discharge Flow
  • Balance Line Leak-Off Flow
  • Suction and Discharge Pressures
  • Pump Speed
  • Ramp Up Tests
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Motor Amperage and Voltage (customer supplied and included in the report)
  • Thermal Signature Analysis

Results are compared to OEM specifications and provided in a simple yet comprehensive technical report.

Contact us today to know how your pump is performing and how it can perform better!


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