Case Study | Using Motion Amplification to Detect Mechanical Looseness

Westpower’s Reliability Engineering Services team helped reduce excessive horizontal vibrations of a client’s crude oil tank side entry mixer by 92%. Our reliability experts quickly diagnosed and rectified the issue using Motion Amplification technology, which filters high-speed video to specific frequencies and visualizes imperceptible movements to find the root cause of the issue. This client was able to mitigate any potential failures while significantly increasing their operational reliability.

Click to read the full case study here: Detecting Mechanical Looseness with Motion Amplification

Westpower’s Reliability Engineering Services help to mitigate small and excessive vibrations, overheating, unusual noises, cavitation, coupling misalignment and failures, mechanical seal issues and failures as well as cloudy oil and other lubricant issues. Our team utilizes the latest technology and techniques in addition to taking on-site measurements to analyze the actual behaviour of your facility, machinery and supporting systems, providing reliable solutions that create more reliable uptime and operational efficiencies.

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