Case Study | Using Motion Amplification to Detect Mechanical Looseness

Westpower’s Reliability Engineering Services team helped reduce excessive horizontal vibrations of a client’s crude oil tank side entry mixer by 92%. Our reliability experts quickly diagnosed and rectified the issue using Motion Amplification technology, which filters high-speed video to specific frequencies and visualizes imperceptible movements to find the root cause of the issue. This client was able to mitigate any potential failures while significantly increasing their operational reliability.

Click to read the full case study here: Detecting Mechanical Looseness with Motion Amplification

Westpower’s Reliability Engineering Services help to mitigate small and excessive vibrations, overheating, unusual noises, cavitation, coupling misalignment and failures, mechanical seal issues and failures as well as cloudy oil and other lubricant issues. Our team utilizes the latest technology and techniques in addition to taking on-site measurements to analyze the actual behaviour of your facility, machinery and supporting systems, providing reliable solutions that create more reliable uptime and operational efficiencies.

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Westpower partners with Vulcan Industrial to strengthen oilfield products and integrated solutions offering

Houston-based provider of mission-critical engineering services and systems partners with Westpower to bring high-performance hydraulic fracturing fluid ends and associated products to the Canadian oilfield.

HOUSTONApril 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Previously serving only operations in the United States, Vulcan Industrial will now sell its full range of hydraulic fracturing fluid ends, valves, seats, plungers and high-caliber packing to fleets in Canada. This expansion is made possible through a partnership with Calgary-based Westpower.

Within the energy industry, Vulcan specializes in innovations that improve the economics of hydraulic fracturing fleets—using advanced engineering, superior service and in-house metallurgy to help units run longer, better and more economically. Westpower will serve as Vulcan’s exclusive distributor in the region. The move into Canadian territory comes at a time when Canada’s production is rebounding from 2020’s dual impact of geopolitical price wars and COVID disruption, and is forecasted to add 3,300 new wells in 2021.

“Westpower was the perfect fit for this because both cultures have a lot in common—including an emphasis on service and innovative technology,” said Simon Lawrie, Vulcan Industrial’s President. “We’re known for exceptional service across U.S. plays, and Westpower has built its entire business around partnering with its customers. Deploying Vulcan products such as our new V-Series™ fluid ends will be just another way Westpower reps can help customer fleets improve economics.”

Founded in 1993, Westpower has deep roots in serving the Canadian oilfield, and today provides not just sales of several dozen specialized products and technical services but also custom design, manufacturing and maintenance of engineered pumps, turnkey packaged systems and more.

“As a Canadian leader in rotating equipment applications, reliability solutions and aftermarket support services, we understand the importance of lowering our customer’s total cost of ownership,” said David Goddard, Westpower’s President. “Our partnership with Vulcan will strengthen our oilfield products and integrated solutions offering, enabling us to further support our oil and gas customers in achieving operational efficiencies and reliability enhancements.”

Canadian oil and gas is often overshadowed by U.S. activity in the region, but the industry remains both its largest export and largest employer. More than 1,000 operators work various plays across the country. The fourth-largest oil producer in the world, more than 10 percent of Canada’s $1.73T economy comes from oil and gas.

About Westpower

Westpower is a leading North American rotating equipment solutions provider with services spanning industrial and engineered pumps, fabricated engineered fluid systems, reliability and lubrication products, field service and repair solutions that enhance performance. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, we have operations in EdmontonVancouverGrande PrairieSalt Lake City, and Denver.

Clients regard Westpower as a strong technical advisor of rotating equipment solutions; and a reliable and trustworthy industry partner. Westpower investigates, understands and improves clients’ machinery through root cause failure analysis, intelligent monitoring systems, and engineered design enhancements. Through perpetual innovation, we achieve and sustain outstanding results while holding safety as a top priority.

About Vulcan Industrial

Vulcan Industrial is a specialized precision engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to producing high-performance, mission-critical components and systems for the energy, defense, aerospace and heavy industrial sectors. The company’s new V-Series™ fluid ends represent some of hydraulic fracturing’s longest-lasting and easiest to maintain equipment.

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Media Contact: Tanner Ford, 817-917-6216

SOURCE Vulcan Industrial

Success Story: Providing lowest total cost of ownership for a customer’s mechanical seals while also providing the best available equipment reliability.

Problem: The excessively high cost of spare mechanical seals, high cost for future repairs.

Concern / Long Term Goal: Lowering the total cost of ownership without compromising on equipment reliability.

The Benefit of Using Westpower: Extensive pump, seal and pumping systems expertise across a wide range of end-use applications. Unbiased seal assessments and technical support with access to multiple mechanical seal vendors to determine the best fit-for-purpose solution.

Outcome: Customized seal solution to maximize seal life and lower total cost of ownership.

The Full Story: Westpower was recently approached by an end-user customer who asked if anything could be done about the perceived excessively high cost of some spare mechanical seals quoted by a mechanical seal OEM for a recently built project. The customer was concerned about their total cost of ownership including the high cost of the initial spares and the high cost for future repairs while ensuring there is no reduction in the reliability of their equipment. Westpower approached the major mechanical seal OEMs in the market for their solutions and then presented those solutions to the customer. Once the end-user had selected the mechanical seal, Westpower’s pump and seal experts worked closely with both the customer and their chosen OEM. This ensured that the customer received a solution that provided them with maximum seal life and the lowest overall total cost of ownership.

Westpower’s in-house mechanical seal experts determine the optimal seals and systems specific to your application and operational requirements. Our unbiased technical assessments and support enable our customers to maximize mean time between failures (MTBF) and equipment reliability while minimizing spares inventory and lowering the overall total cost of ownership.

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Westpower Partners with AVT Reliability® in supplying Machine Sentry® Condition Monitoring Products

We are proud to partner with one the leading plant reliability and asset integrity solutions services provider, AVT Reliability®. AVT Reliability® has over 40 years of experience helping companies improve plant reliability through a full range of condition monitoring solutions, including Machine Sentry®. Machine Sentry® is web based condition monitoring tools supported by the world’s leading condition monitoring engineers.

Learn more about the Machine Sentry® condition monitoring products we are supplying here: Condition Monitoring Products

Read more about our partnership with Machine Sentry® here: Machine Sentry® Press Release

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COVID-19 Essential Services

To our valued Westpower Customers & Partners,

Westpower has been classified by the Canadian and Provincial Governments as an essential service provider, required to support the critical infrastructure necessary to ensure continued public health and safety, as well as economic and national security.

Our service facilities will remain open to support the critical and ongoing needs for emergency machinery repairs and component manufacturing, inventoried lubrication and reliability products, and we will continue to have available expert engineering support for troubleshooting and resolving rotating equipment problems.  All sites will be supported by our full complement of expert engineering staff working at site and remotely.  New pump and mixer application engineering support will continue to be offered (and support our service businesses) by our expert team through the use of remote workplaces

Our first priority has not changed and is still to ensure the safety of all our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.  We are continuing to evolve our business practices to implement all recommendations set forth by the Canadian and Provincial health authorities, such as social distancing, self-isolation of at risk employees, and increased sanitation and hygiene measures.

We recognize that the constantly changing global COVID-19 situation is an unprecedented time for everyone. We want you to know we are committed to continuing to provide you with all the products and services you have depended on for the last twenty-seven years.



Quick Response Vibration Analysis and Troubleshooting Program

In light of the global pandemic and increased restrictions to customer sites, Westpower has launched a Quick Response Remote Vibration Analysis program using the AVT Machine Sentry Condition Monitoring platform.

We understand the challenges faced in keeping critical equipment running without issues while maintaining compliance to social distancing. Understandably, this restricts third party specialists from accessing sites for data collection, assessments and troubleshooting.

With the Machine Sentry Mobile Hazardous Area Kit (Class 1 Div 1) with 4G LTE connectivity, our customers collect the data while our Reliability Engineering Services team remotely supports data collection and troubleshooting.

When the data is synced to the secured Machine Sentry cloud location our vibration and rotating equipment experts will provide detailed analysis comprehensive report with recommendations. Backed by our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, application and repair specialists your report seamlessly translates through to quickly getting to the root cause solution.

Our Quick Response Remote Analysis program offers solutions for:

  1. Vibration problems on pumps, compressors, fans, and piping
  2. Rotating equipment bad actors that are likely to cause production interruption
  3. Critical equipment they would like to remotely keep an eye on while attending to other critical tasks
  4. On-going condition monitoring of critical assets

Westpower continues to innovate with products and services to better support our customers even in challenging times. In accordance with the guidelines, this support will be conducted remotely via phone, video chat or email.

For details, please contact us via phone, email or fill out the form below:

Phone: (780) 686-6002


COVID-19 Communication

To our valued Westpower Customers & Partners,

We recognize that the constantly changing global COVID-19 situation is an unprecedented time for everyone. We want you to know we are committed to continuing to provide you with all the products and services you have depended on for the last twenty-seven years. Our mission to help you solve problems and support your business goals and initiatives will continue to be our focus. This enduring mission guides us as we closely monitor, assess, and respond to this situation.

Our first priority is to ensure the safety of all our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.

The abilities of our production, service, and engineering teams to respond to customer requirements have not been impacted. Should you have any urgent delivery requirements, please contact your Westpower sales representative as soon as possible. Changing priorities at our client’s facilities may require our shifted focus to accommodate expedited deliveries and keep critical infrastructure operating – we will be in contact should any priorities begin to shift in our scheduling to ensure minimal impact. Things are changing rapidly and we want to make sure Westpower supports all our customers in the best way possible by focusing on the most urgent items first.

Some of the measures we have undertaken to keep our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers safe are as follows:

  1. Office employees who are able to work from home are doing so. This has allowed us to implement effective social distancing measures in the office to enable employees who are required on-site to support you in your daily business, to do so safely. Because we have multiple facilitates, we have also asked employees who are required to be on-site to remain in their home facility.
  2. Face-to-face meetings have been replaced with meetings held on virtual platforms such as Teams and Skype. Where face-to-face meetings are required, we have implemented social distancing guidelines and room occupancy limits.
  3. Visitors to our facilities have been limited to those classed as “business necessary” and approved by a member of the Westpower executive team. When visitors do arrive, they are required to answer a brief questionnaire prior to being allowed on-site.
  4. We have also asked our employees to limit their off-site visits to “business necessary” visits, approved by a member of the Westpower executive team. This means you may be asked to meet via a virtual platform (Teams, Skype, etc.) rather than face-to-face. In the event that a Westpower employee is required at your site we will work with you to ensure any new measures that have been implemented by your organization are followed and we all remain safe and healthy.
  5. Any employee returning from a foreign location is required to self-isolate for 14 days.
  6. Any employee experiencing flu like symptoms including cough, runny nose, fever or sore throat are required to stay at home.
  7. We have implemented additional handwashing and hygiene measures including, increased cleaning and disinfecting practices, availability of hand sanitizer in all public locations and meeting rooms, and educational posters on proper handwashing and good hygiene practices.

The above outlined measures have been put in place to keep us all fit, healthy and safe.  It will also ensure we are able to support your day to day business in this uncertain time.  Please know we are committed to providing equipment repairs, parts, reliability products and assessments, field service, new equipment purchases and troubleshooting throughout these unprecedented times.  Although we have many employees working from home, they can all be reached by phone or email should you need our help with anything.



Case Study | Municipal water treatment plant realizes operational efficiency

Westpower’s reliability team was recently awarded a 1-year condition monitoring contract with a local municipal water treatment plant to help them achieve operational efficiency.

Click to read the full case study here: Water Treatment Plant Case Study

Our Reliability Management Systems offer turn-key support for your facility and rotating equipment, creating budget certainty, reducing downtime and creating more predictable operating outcomes. Contact Westpower’s reliability experts to learn more.

Case Study | Westpower engineers hydraulic re-rate of a major US refinery’s crude charge pump

Years of reliability issues including cavitation, internal erosion and multiple broken shafts forced a major Salt Lake City refinery to take action.

The client approached Westpower to help them find a custom engineered solution to upgrade their crude charge pump because replacing the pump with a new fit-for-purpose or existing OEM solution would take over a year to procure. Through this custom solution the client was able to realize their full machinery potential and achieve more reliable operations.

Click to read the full case study here: Re-Rate Case Study