Case Study

Case Study | 13 Pumps Re-rated Greatly Enhancing Throughput Performance

Westpower’s innovative hydraulic engineering and project management due diligence enabled this client to successfully increase the throughput of their high temperature, insulated pipeline carrying undiluted heavy crude oil. This project involved upgrading 13 pumps on the pipeline by strategically removing, repairing and replacing shafts and impellers while minimizing any disruption to the flow.

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Case Study | Municipal water treatment plant realizes operational efficiency

Westpower’s reliability team was recently awarded a 1-year condition monitoring contract with a local municipal water treatment plant to help them achieve operational efficiency.

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Case Study | Westpower engineers hydraulic re-rate of a major US refinery’s crude charge pump

Years of reliability issues including cavitation, internal erosion and multiple broken shafts forced a major Salt Lake City refinery to take action.

The client approached Westpower to help them find a custom engineered solution to upgrade their crude charge pump because replacing the pump with a new fit-for-purpose or existing OEM solution would take over a year to procure. Through this custom solution the client was able to realize their full machinery potential and achieve more reliable operations.

Click to read the full case study here: Re-Rate Case Study